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Xinxiang Jinxing Tradings Co., Ltd. takes great pride in the ISO Certified level of service we provide to our customers. We have supplied specialty metals, alloys, and hard-to-locate materials to high-technology industries since 1965. Our specialty is solving the inventory management problems of our customers.

Sales Representatives 
If you would like information on our Consignment Programs, Custom Stocking Programs, Just-in-Time Shipping; or on issues related to specific metals, alloys and applications (including issues with documentation), please contact one of our Sales Representatives. One can be reached at: 
Nationwide Toll Free: 86-18137338517

Technical Information 
If you have a technical question relating to a Controlled Expansion, Electrical/Electronic Nickel, Soft Magnetic or Refractory application, or need assistance with a specific material, you can visit our Technical Information page here, or email our Ask the Experts service here;

Hard-to-Find Materials 
If you need a special purpose material that you can’t find, please use our Hard-to-Find, Material-Locator service here. If you can’t find it, we’ll source it for you.

To inquire about a pending shipment, please call our Shipping Department at: 86-18137338517.

For other Xinxiang Jinxing Tradings Co., Ltd. contact numbers; and International contacts, phone numbers, faxes, and email addresses, please click here


No Order Too Small
If you have a material requirement that you think is too light to be of interest to the large produces; if you have a production requirement that does not justify a mill run, please look to Jinxing Tradings. Our business is supplying major manufacturers and their subsidiaries with less than mill quantities. When you buy from us, you’ll notice we invoice many items in weights down to 1/100th of a pound. This is because many of our items are sold in quantities of less than one pound. We can also sell much larger quantities. And we treat all customers with equal respect. Most of our largest accounts began with just a minimal order. We also offer various stocking programs that can ease your inventory planning and cash flow. Please call one of our Sales Representatives to inquire about what type of program can best help you.

All orders are certified with shipment.

Xinxiang Jinxing Tradings Co., Ltd. stands behind all of our products and services, however, if something is not being resolved to your satisfaction, please call 86-18137338517 and ask either for the Los Alamitos Sales Manager, or our General Manager. If they are not available, we will take a message or you can leave them voicemail. They will call you back shortly.