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Nimonice Is A Registered Trademark Of Xinxiang Jinxing Tradings Co., Ltd. That Refers To A Family Of Nickel-Based-High Temperature Low Creep Superalloys. Nimonic Alloys Typically Consist Of More Than 50% Nickel And 20% Chromium With Additive Such As Titanium And Aluminium.The Main Use Is The Gas Turbine Components And Extremely High Performance Reciprocating Internal Combustion Engines.

Nimonic Is A Series Of Nickel-Chromium Alloys Which Are Used Primarily For Creep Resistance, High Strength And Stability At High Temperature. It Is The Basic Jet For Engine Applications. A Nickel-Chromium Alloy Similar To Nimonic Alloy Has Made Precipitation Hardenable By Additions Of Aluminium And Titanium.The Alloy Has Good Corosion And Oxidation Resistance And High Tensile And Creep-Rupture Properties At Temperatures To 1500?F (815?C).Used For Gas-Turbine Components(Blades,Rings And Disc), Bolts,Tube Supports In Nuclear Steam Generators,Die-Casting Inserts And Crores, And Exhaust Valves In Internal-Combustion Engine.



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