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We offer several types of technical information to our customers including many tables and charts with the chemical, mechanical, and physical properties of our alloys, as well as links to articles and other websites with additional information about our materials.

Controlled Expansion Alloys

Physical/Mechanical Properties
Thermal Expansion Table
General Guide to Machining Nickel-Iron Alloys
High Speed Tools
Useful Controlled Expansion Alloys Information

Electrical and Electronic Nickel

High Speed Tools
Thermal Expansion Table of Controlled Expansion Iron-Nickel Alloys
General Guide to Machining Nickel-Iron Alloys
Physical/Mechanical Properties
Useful Electrical and Electronic Nickel Information

Soft Magnetic Alloys

Physical and Mechanical Properties
Soft Magnetic Machining Guide
Magnetic Properties
Useful Soft Magnetic Alloys Information

Refractory Metals and Alloys

Physical/Mechanical Properties
Refractory Metals & Alloys Chart
Molybdenum Machining Guide
Tungsten Machining Guide
Tungsten Heavy Alloy Physical Properties 
Useful Refractory Metals and Alloys Information

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